Santa Plush Care Package for your Favorite College Student, Child, Grandchildren, Missionary, Teacher or Friend


This Christmas Care Package with an 11 inch Santa Plush Doll is the perfect gift for your child, teenager, college student, missionary, grandchild, god child, niece, nephew, or friend. It contains a Santa Plush Doll, 2 Fruit by the Foots, 4 Slim Jims, 4 Christmas Rice Crispy Treats, 1 bag of Cheetos, 2 Ring Pops, 3 Laffy Taffys, 1 bag of Chocolate Chip Cookies, 1 Nutella pack, 1 bag of Chex Mix and 2 Watermelon Sour Patch packs. And it is all presented in a high quality Red Box with SANTA and his reindeer flying across the front.

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