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"I did this for my Grandson's First Christmas last year it was so heart warming to see it in the mail but the greatest part was actually reading it to My Grandson!!! I will continue getting these post cards because they are Personalized with your child's name, The cost is priceless when you see the expression on that Little one's face; This is Absolutely worth every bit of your $4.95 plus tax when you see Their faces light up : When telling that lil someone special that they have mail !!! Plus You have Choices in which post cards and technically it's your own message just with an Icon like Santa Claus to deliver to your special Little one which in my book is a great idea !!!! Wanted to say Thank you From Myself A Loving and Proud Grandma!!!"
~Laverne L.

"It's my hope that other people can find your more than wonderful site! It has been such a Godsend, you have no idea! This past Christmas, it just so happened that Matthew's dad was present when Matthew received his call from Santa. Not only does that call take Matthew's breath away and put him in a complete sense of wonder, it does the same for his parent's watching him. What an amazing blessing for his dad who would, just a few short month's later, pass on. There are no words to express how you and your "elf's" go above & beyond to help your clientele. I'm so grateful & impressed beyond words! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
Warmly, Sue

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"When I woke up this morning, my boys had made their beds. I was thrilled...they even folded the clothes...awesome that all this good behavior came from a postcard from Santa." - Tara P