Bucket List

Santa's summer bucket list - personalized for your child.
Spreading joy & good will all year long one act of service at a time.

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5"x7" oversized postcard will arrive in 7-10 days


This oversized 5x7 postcard from Santa showing Santa on the beach with his reindeer motivates your kids to keep being good all summer long. An unexpected surprise from the North Pole creates an excitement and feeling of magic that only Santa can provide, especially in the summer. Show them that Santa is watching all year long so they'll want to be on their best behavior.

  • When I woke up this morning, my boys had made their beds. I was thrilled...they even folded the clothes...awesome that all this good behavior came from a postcard from Santa.
      - Tara P
  • Was she happy ... lol i think the summer postcards are actually way cooler and keeps them on their toes more because its unexpected!!! Thank you so much!!! Cant wait till my 5 month old is ready for cool stuff like this!!!
      - Stephanie S
  • My sister on law just called me and she was going through mail last night and found my nephew's postcard! The reaction...was priceless...my nephew read the whole postcard to his big sister...loved the picture on the front and when his dad walked in from work as a truck driver, he ran to show him. This may seem "normal" but it is not for Gavyn. He is autistic. And obviously struggles with schooling and reading but also with emotion. The excitement he displayed was priceless. We never get to see that come out of him. Last time we did was three years ago when somebody in our town was coming to houses upon request dressed as Santa. Apparantly he wasn't satisfied with it hanging on the fridge and it had to be hung in his room. Thank you soooooo much!!!
      - Ashley W
  • My two g’kids that received the postcards were flabbergasted, and excited. You guys did a great job. I ordered the letters last Christmas, and will be doing it again.
      - Gary P